It's Iced Tea Season - Simple, Refreshing and Chic!

Summer's here and there is no better summer refresher than Iced Tea!  For hanging  by the pool, after a workout, or relaxing with friends Organic Iced Tea is a healthy and delicious choice.  Iced Tea is super easy to make and is incredibly versatile.  Here are some of our favorite Iced Tea methods!

First - Start with 6-8 ounces hot water- around 200°- and add your favorite tea sachet.  The trick to making amazing Iced Tea is starting out with quality tea.  Our favorites are certified organic whole leaf tea (the same thing as loose leaf)  in pyramid sachets.  Whole leaf tea is important because this is what yields the biggest flavor impact.  The pyramid sachet is important too.  Why?  Simply because tea leaves and herbs need space to expand as they steep - this is what adds to the flavor impact!  After steeping your tea for 5-6 minutes, remove the sachet.

Second - Prepare some delicious add ins!  Fruit is the perfect choice - tons of flavor and no sugar!  Our favorite Iced Tea additions are peaches, orange, lemon, and lime slices, passion fruit, and raspberries.  For a super hot day when you need an extra cool down, add mint leaves and cucumber slices.  So easy! 

Third - Combine Tea, Fruit, and Ice in your favorite tumbler.  Your healthy, low calorie refresher is complete!