Hello!  Welcome to Framework Wellness Tea!  We are Sarah and Colleen. In 2014, we met at a neighborhood park in sunny Arizona.  While watching our children play, we had a lot of conversations that expanded past the usual 'mom' chatter.  Business came up often - everything from real-estate to cryptocurrency to Amazon.  Sarah had always been a big fan of podcasts, and she turned Colleen into a listener too - Bright Ideas and  How I Built This episodes came up in our conversations all the time!  Wellness was another constant theme.  We would often compare notes on new healthy food & drink products we had found and enjoyed.  These conversations eventually led to our co-founding of Framework Wellness Tea in 2019.   

Framework is dedicated to provide premium, certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, responsibly sourced tea in biodegradable packaging.  Our mission is to produce tea that is beneficial to physical wellness while still being the most flavorful, delicious tea available.  

We believe in our products. We invite you to participate in our continuing growth to learn more about wellness through tea.   Let's restore our frames together!